World Children and teenagers Cancer Day

Fight against cancer!

pediatric cancer day

After the accidents of everyday life, cancers are the second leading cause of death among children aged 1 to 14. Even though this kind of cancer represents only 1% 

of all cancers, there are about 2000 New cases of pediatric cancer diagnosed each year, the most common cases are often leukaemia and brain tumours.

The method of managing the disease is of course different when it is a child or an adult. The percentage of healing for pediatric cancers is higher than the adult’s cancer. About 80% of pediatric cancers are cured.

Children are more affected by the disease because of daily discrimination during and even after illness. To this end, a law has been put in place to combat inequalities against them. The law for the right to oblivion protect cancer survivors from any form of discrimination. Former cancer patients have the right to oblivion, and there is nothing to force them to mention this disease in the declarations of insurance.

Many organizations are working to optimize research on new cases of diagnosed pediatric cancers in. There are also associations working for the social well-being and the psychological development of children and teenagers affected by the disease. It is important for those children to feel well surrounded and loved, it is a way to encourage them in their fight.

pediatric cancer