Men and accessories

Details are everything


This may surprise more than one, and no, accessories are not just for women! For a perfect look, we will pay attention to the small details that are important in an outfit. From costume pockets and scarves to ties and bow ties, including bright colours, original designs and 100% natural materials, nothing should be left to chance.

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A careful selection 

At Pochette square you will find your happiness! These accessories are made with care thanks to the know-how of French and Italian craftsmen. With silk, cotton, linen or wool, you will always be on top!

Want to be chic? You can find the brand Pochette Square at Chama Farez, the showroom is  located in Chaumont-Gistoux.

Take a scroll to her showroom!

Chama Farez

Tel: +32 475 38 75 81
Adres: Frères Poels street, 2E
1325 Dion-Valmont