Flowery print for this spring

It returns more strongly

Here are the first rays of sunshine, our dressing is filled again with flowery prints. This year, the floral patterns, in all shapes, are present in all storefronts: jeans, blouses, dresses, accessories and even jackets go by! You get it, the floral print is the new trend for these spring days.

The combination

Nothing like a fluid pants combination for a look that combines comfort and delicacy. Combined with a pair of heels and a few accessories, the flower print combination will be your ally during your evenings with friends.

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The oversize flower print 

The over-size shirt with flowery print is very trendy now. For a nice casual look, marry it with a destroyed jeans and a pair of sneakers. In the evening, go for high heels and a small pouch!

The floral jean 

This is the must-have for this spring! Present in all shops, jeans with flowery patterns is all the rage now. Associated with a solid colour, you will have a guaranteed effect! For a more modern touch, add a bomber over it!

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